Renting a trailer tent – £40 per night 

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Hire a trailer tent

For an adventurous outdoors holiday’s in the UK, this is a great step up from camping and not as conventional as caravanning. Just like camping but in style, for one your beds are off the ground and just as comfy as your bed at home, so no need for unreliable air beds or un-comfy floor mats, you can wake up with the feeling that camping brings with the birds tweeting and the freshness of the morning in style and comfort. Renting a trailer tent is great for families with endless baggage, you can free the car from camping equipment and bedding as all this will be stored in the trailer. You’re having a well-deserved holiday so take the stress out of erecting a tent in the middle of the night or fighting the wind, just position the Trailer tent where you want it and unfold the tent, you will have it up in no time.

Putting up a trailer tent

Putting up a trailer tent is really easy and anyone can do it, it’s very simple you just position the trailer where you want it, wined down the legs and unfold the tent. The trailer tent unfolds in 2 sections and then you just extend the middle pole and its up.

Where’s good to go in the UK?

With UK having one of the most unpredictable summers it can be difficult to pre-book a holiday that ensures sunshine. So I suggest picking a location thats got at least 2 indoor attractions that can be taken advantage of on those, hopefully rare rainy days.

The cornwall coast line is full of great camping locations that benefit from lovely long beaches to unique towns with one off shops you wouldn’t find anywhere else in the UK. One great location that springs to mind is the Newquay View Resort as it is right on the beach and close to town. The camping site has all the amenities needed for staying comfortable and even has an indoor pool for the rainy days.